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Boom Beach Hacks, Cheats And Tips


Hello today I will release this new hack or cheat for the new and top trending app Boom Beach this whole new app is the most selected strategy game at the moment and me and my friend created a hack that will help you winning the battle and invasion of the islands.

Boom Beach Hack includes unlimited source of diamonds so that you dont need to buy expensive diamonds when you can get it for free we also included the hacks for your resources needs, unlimited wood, unlimited stone, and iron we also added a encrypted code which will avoid your account from being banned in the game so you can have a safe and enjoying game.

How To Download Boom Beach Hack

  1. Download Boom Beach Hack From Our Download Page
  2. Close and Save your game
  3. Unzip and Extrat the tool to your desktop
  4. Upload and transfer it to the right gaming location. (where you installed the game)
  5. You will know it is correct because you will be asked to overwrite existing files.
  6. Confirm this.
  7. Restart your device
  8. Start the game

We also included a PDF file about some strategies and tips you can do in the game.